Calvary Chapel’s volunteers reach out to those incarcerated by teaching God’s word verse by verse and sharing their testimonies.


Once accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, the inmates need guidance to learn how to live their new lives which God has given them. Through the guidance of the Lord, Calvary Chapel Bangor has developed the Calvary Residential Discipleship program to help people struggling with addiction and    to rebuild their lives.

Calvary Chapel faithfully prays for God’s blessing on our ministries. Our prayer is that those ministering may see lives changed through the power of God’s clear word.

Men’s Study

Every Wednesday at 6:30 pm, the men’s study is led by Pastor Will Cass.

will and laurie.jpg

Pastor Will Cass

Women’s Study

The women’s study and worship is led by Laurie Cass, Abigail Valarik, Rebekah Dorrity and Cheryl Hewes.

Laurie Cass


Rebekah Dorrity

Cheryl Hewes


Abigail Valarik