Downeast Christian School


Downeast Christian School (DCS) was founded by Calvary Chapel Downeast (CCD) in Trenton Maine under the pastoral leadership of Will Cass. Will is the founding pastor of CCD, which began in 2003 as a small home Bible study, of prayer and fellowship.  CCD has grown to become a well-established church in the community today. Downeast Christian School was started as part of what God has given us the vision to do. We have seen God do great things in the lives of many people.  We are excited about the future and the opportunity before us.

Educational Philosophy

The educational philosophy of DCS is taken from, and integrated with the teachings of CCD. Therefore, any discussion of educational ends must first be assessed in light of the church ministry and our Biblical Distinctives.  Special emphasis, in all grades, is placed upon the development of the “whole” student.  Taking Jesus’ words in Matthew 22 as the starting point, “You shall love the Lord, thy God, with all your heart, mind, and soul”, DCS has developed a curriculum that attempts to minister to the various components within each student:  Spiritual, Academic, Social, and Bodily. Furthermore, DCS assesses the students’ progress in light of how Jesus progressed as a child. Using Luke 2:52 in this text we learn that Jesus, “grew in stature, wisdom and in favor with God and man.”  Therefore, DCS sees the favor with God (spiritual), and favor with man (social).  It is DCS’s desire that each student would grow in the fullness and love of Jesus Christ.  Simply put, we want our students to be like Jesus.

K-12 Providing Your Child A Complete Education

Educational Approach

The educational approaches of DCS are based on time-proven practices.  We place a strong emphasis on the relationship between the school and the home, recognizing the crucial role of parents in fostering their children’s education.  Additionally, we have a biblically-based emphasis in educational methodology and curriculum. DCS determines not only to teach children the skills to be productive citizens, but more importunately, to nurture a relationship with Jesus Christ and encourage moral habits and qualities that are reflective of His character.

Methodology and Curriculum

DCS curriculum features a traditional, well-balanced core of essential subjects. DCS follows the time-proven educational building blocks.  All subjects are presented cumulatively, with each lesson building upon previously acquired knowledge and understanding.  Memorization, drills, repetition and comprehension are emphasized at the lower grades.  Critical thinking, application and analysis are stressed during the Jr. High years.  Communication, synthesis, and evaluation are the hallmarks of our High School years.